Smashed Bashed yet not Dashed Podcast

Season 2 : Episode 2. My conversation with Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone on the Smashed Bashed Yet not Dashed podcast.

January 27, 2021 Gaurav Bhagat Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2 : Episode 2. My conversation with Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone on the Smashed Bashed Yet not Dashed podcast.
Smashed Bashed yet not Dashed Podcast
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Smashed Bashed yet not Dashed Podcast
Season 2 : Episode 2. My conversation with Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone on the Smashed Bashed Yet not Dashed podcast.
Jan 27, 2021 Season 2 Episode 2
Gaurav Bhagat

This was the most epic conversation with Grant Cardone, Mr 10X himself.  Grant just starred on Undercover Billionaire which is now available on the Discovery Plus App. It is a perfect example of how one can be smashed, bashed and yet should not be dashed. Grant in these 22 minutes shared such pearls of wisdom, that this is one episode no one should miss. 

Also please go and download the Discovery Plus app and start watching Undercover Billionaire.  It's the best investment that you will ever make.  Grant walks the talk and its made worse by the pandemic. In this podcast Grant shares what he was going through and just how hard and taxing the entire shooting of the show was. So much that we can learn from him. Absolutely Must listen. 

The  video version of this podcast will be available on the YouTube on the channel of the Gaurav Bhagat Academy

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This was the most epic conversation with Grant Cardone, Mr 10X himself.  Grant just starred on Undercover Billionaire which is now available on the Discovery Plus App. It is a perfect example of how one can be smashed, bashed and yet should not be dashed. Grant in these 22 minutes shared such pearls of wisdom, that this is one episode no one should miss. 

Also please go and download the Discovery Plus app and start watching Undercover Billionaire.  It's the best investment that you will ever make.  Grant walks the talk and its made worse by the pandemic. In this podcast Grant shares what he was going through and just how hard and taxing the entire shooting of the show was. So much that we can learn from him. Absolutely Must listen. 

The  video version of this podcast will be available on the YouTube on the channel of the Gaurav Bhagat Academy

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[00:00:00] Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Have you ever been knocked down and found it hard to get up? Have you ever been knocked down and bounced back to come back even stronger? Hi, I'm Gaurav Bhagat and you can call me GB and welcome to the smashed bashed yet not dashed podcast, a fortnightly podcast, where I speak about persistence, perseverance, and overcoming the odds to come out ahead. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): All right. So ladies and gentlemen, today, we have a very, very special guest with us on the smashed, bashed yet not dashed podcast, someone who influences tens of millions, if not billions. Okay. With the 10 X movement, rated as the best. Okay. Like the best sales trainer in the world. Author of eight bestselling [00:01:00] books, right?

Runs multiple companies with assets over $2.3 billion. Okay. That's billion with a B under management. He's also the star of the super hit series on discovery plus called Undercover. Billionaire. It is my honor and pleasure. Today to introduce the man himself, Grant Cardone,

Grant Cardone: Thank you my friend. So, uh, so excited to be with you and humbled by you, your presence and your audience, and so much.

I have so much love and affinity with India, your country that you come from. And, and, um, I'm hoping his discovery dropped, uh, The show undercover billionaire there yet. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): In fact, in this morning, we just saw episode three. So it was, it was, it was Epic. And you know, we are going to talk about that and just to put this into context for everyone else.

Okay. This is crazy. If you haven't already seen undercover billionaire, everyone needs to get on the discovery app, download it and see it. Right. So what's happened is grant and I, today are talking about [00:02:00] undercover billionaire , a show where he was dropped in a city. where nobody knew him, right. A city where he had to shave his head, change his name from Grant Cardone to Lewis Curtis.

Right. And all he had was a hundred dollars, like a hundred dollars, right. Just at $100 bill. He had a mobile phone, which had no context and he had an old truck. That is it. And with that, he had to build a million dollar business in 90 days. And that is just crazy starting with just 100 bucks. Right. So grant, my first question to you is straight up, right?

Undercover. Billionaire. You had to change your identity and start from literally nothing. Right? How was that for you and what were the biggest challenges there for you first up? 

Grant Cardone: Yes. So look, this is the challenge that, you know, most of the world is going through every day. They don't have contacts, they don't have money.

Uh, and they don't have a name, right? You don't have a name. Many of us don't have products or services. Like where do we get started? So when discovery came to me and said, could you do this? [00:03:00] I was so excited because the number one question I get, wherever I travel, I've been all over the world. Uh, we did 19 countries last year.

And the number one question I get is if you lost it all, what would you do? And when people are asking that question, they're basically saying to me, look, I don't, I don't know where to start because I don't have any. So what I did in this with discovery was I'm like, I cannot wait to do this. Uh, where are you going to drop me off?

They said, we're not going to tell you until you get there. So you can, you can't prepare. Oh, we will strip you of your name, your contacts, your credit facilities, your banks, your connections, your employees give you $100 and you have 90 days to create a million dollar business. And I said, let's go, let's do it.

In fact, in fact, that was so confident. I can do this. And I know this sounds insane. I was so confident I could do this, that I bet a million dollars to discovery that I can pull it off. I love it. And the reason why, and the reason why I want everybody, [00:04:00] everybody to understand this listening. If you don't have a name and you don't have a service or a product, you don't know where to start.

You don't have money. You don't have credit, all you need is strategy. You need a specific strategy of how you're going to do this. The fact that they only had 90 days was a benefit, not a detriment. I love that. And people think that 90 days was a problem. Okay. Discovery even thought, okay, we're only going to give him 90 days.

That's going to make it harder. That actually made it easier. Because when, when I only have so much time, now there's no time to fool around. There's no time for procrastination. There's no time to spend time, uh, doing stuff that doesn't matter to do this, to pull this off. I did have to do one thing that a lot of people seem to forget, and that is I had to get my family on the same page I had.

I told my wife and my kids for 90 days. I need my full attention on [00:05:00] this. I need your full support. There can't be any crying I miss Papa, where’s s papa, when’s papa going to come back. I need you guys to flow power to me for 90 days so I can pull this off because if I do, I'm going to inspire a lot of people and I'm going to debunk the idea that you need money.

You need a name, uh, you need, um, uh, and I look, I didn't even have a place to sleep. So I had to figure all that out, 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): right, Yeah. In fact, it's interesting that you bring up, uh, you know, Ellena and the kids, and I know how, how close you are as a family is seeing you over all these years. Um, how was that? How hard was it staying away from them?

Especially seeing that COVID was now in a raging through America and you had to spend all this time away. How hard was that for you? 

Grant Cardone: Look, I love my kids so much and I've created a life where I started having family late in my life. I'm 62 years old. I started when I was 51, uh, got married when I was 51.

We had kids, I got married when I was 50. We had kids at 50 and when I [00:06:00] was 51. And so I've spent every day with these kids and my wife for the last 11 years. Uh, I've missed none of it. Like literally if I've been gone more than maybe. 30 hours without my family, I'd be surprised in 11 years. So I've created a lifestyle where I could spend time with them this morning I was boxing with Sabrina and she hit me under this high right here. You can see the bruise. You see that? Yeah. Like I love time with them. Right. So I underestimated how painful that was going to be for me. I thought I was going to have the kids out within two weeks of getting dropped off. Uh, in the city, I was not able to bring them out for 84 days.

The environment I was in was fairly unsafe. Um, this was not a wealthy city in America. It was a poverty, um,  the city has been struggling for a hundred years. It's called Pueblo, Colorado, and there's only the average person there makes you [00:07:00] know, that doesn't do well. The average household does very poorly by American standards, right.

Uh, the unemployment rate and that's that, uh, before COVID, by the way, this I started before COVID and the COVID hit. So the unemployment rate, there was 9% when I got there, it would be 29% after COVID. So it was a very difficult environment. It wasn't safe for my kids. I couldn't bring them out there. That was probably the most painful thing.

In addition to 15 degrees, no heat, no food, no water, no shelter. I'm scared every day. And the thing that a lot of viewers I think are missing is I have this great life and I'm proud of the life that I've created. But when you've created this, this life, and then you got to go back to another life, man, it is by choice.

It's not like it was all taken away from, it was still there waiting for me. Right. It's like, [00:08:00] You, you want to quit eating desserts, right? And yet somebody keeps bringing you great desserts. That's what the entire 90 days was like. Cause I still had my life calling. Right. And I wanted to quit every day. To be honest with you every 84 days of the 90, I wanted to quit.

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Wow. Yeah, it was, it was hard because I've been watching some of those episodes. And I just wonder what kept you on track because you know, in the, in the first episode you had no toothbrush, right? You were actually using your fingers was a very Indian thing to do in a way. Uh huh. Then now you had no cutlery and crockery, like even in the microwave, you're, you're putting the toast in the microwave and you're like, you know, you have no place to even put it on.

So that's just crazy. I mean, I know people who cried when they seen that episode, they're like grant Cardone is having to do this. Right. So, so what is it that kept you on kept you on track? I know, I know you didn't even have you your 10 X planner because that would probably give it away, but you're writing the notes and stuff.

So, so what was it that kept you on track, you know, through 

Grant Cardone: all of that look, look, I mean, what you really don't see is that [00:09:00] every day I woke up saying, I'm done, I'm quit. I'm going to quit. Uh, every night I would call my wife. I can't do it another day. The other thing that you don't see is I'm fighting with the crew the entire time.

Like there was so many things that you don't see as a viewer. If you guys saw as a viewer, like if you really saw behind the scenes, none of this has produced everything that happened happened. Um, yeah, shoot. I don't see like the cameras, the cameras would help most people, they did not help me. Because what happened is I had to shave my head.

My head was completely shaved. Right. And, uh, because otherwise I would have been discovered, had I brought my family. I would have been discovered even more quickly. And if I got discovered, like if you and I were doing a deal, and later you found out I was Grant Cardone, that deal could not be included in the evaluation.

So like I had to stay undercover when the cameras [00:10:00] showed up, it, it creates a lot of attention. Right. And so I'm having to kind of hide and not be me. Right. So I can't use my name. You got to remember, I cannot use my name. I can not tell anybody that I've been successful. Right. Right. So. Did every day I wanted to quit Gaurav every single day I wanted to quit 

Grant Cardone: yet the target three things that I want to get a big target to. I make it public. And three, I have a, a bet on myself, uh, paint, uh, something that's gonna either. It's going to give me a big score or it's going to be a big punishment. That's always there for me. The target was a million dollar business.

I made it public to discovery and my family and my employees, some of my employees here knew I was doing it. And three, it was going to cost me a million dollars if I missed 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): that, it's big money. And you keep saying this, and I know you keep saying this in the show that it's, it's, it's more than the money it's [00:11:00] about.

I need to walk the talk from my people. I need to walk the talk for the 10 X community. I mean, if Grant Cardone has been saying this for the last now 35 years, you know, now you're walking the talk, right? It's almost going back to when you were 25, 26. 

Grant Cardone: Yeah, this was an opportunity for me to prove to people you don't need money.You don't need contacts, but you do need a strategy. You need a specific strategy when you see the results of what I create. You're going to be as a, as a, as a license Grant, Cardone licensee. You're going to be so proud. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): all we already are. And we're so grateful for that opportunity. Of course. Um, so, you know, tell me about this one time.

And it happened at the end of episode two, where, you know, you're being told that, okay, we're shutting the show down because of COVID and, and you're just so angry because you've just taken the 10 K from Matt. Right. And. And then you're like a commitment is a commitment. I need to keep the commitment. So how was it?

Like, what was it like for you at that moment? Because you can make on the show. You're really, really angry right now. 

Grant Cardone: Yeah. Like I was the, the viewer doesn't even see how angry I am. I mean, [00:12:00] discovery had to call me cause I'm like, I'm not leaving. I'm going to continue. And they're like, you don't understand.

The cameras are leaving. COVID is happening. The country's being shut down. We cannot be here. Well, what actually happened was the crew couldn't leave and go back to LA. There was 20 people on their crew. They could not get back into LA. I snuck out of my plane, came and picked me up and I blew out. I left out of Colorado and went back to Miami.

They couldn't even get back to him. People got sick there. They were quarantined. People were hospitalized. I mean, it became a big deal for the crew. So I did not understand at the time. You got to remember, this is before COVID was understood. Yup. Yup. Uh, this was no four 40 million people in America, unemployed and a billion people around the world were unemployed too.

That, uh, this was a war. Any of the deaths nobody had died yet. Uh, I think there was a handful of deaths out of a health care center up in Northern, Northern California, but it hadn't become the [00:13:00] pandemic. Right. Yeah. And so I'm like, no, I'm not stopping. I just had, I just got my first score. And so often this is what happens to people, right?

You get a little bit of momentum and then something happened. This is what happens in real life. And that's why I'm so proud of this show because this is the reality, right. People underestimate. And this is exactly what 10 X is about. 10 X is about you need 10 X, the actions, 10 X, the customers, 10 X, the money that you think you need, because something is going to happen.

Yeah, for whatever reason something's going to happen, they need to test you makes you better or challenges you are or takes you down. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): 100%. Um, another question I want to ask you, and this is, again, it happened in episode three and you're sitting with Matt, you've come back to snap fitness. You know, you've already negotiated with Brian for the, for the lease.

So you need $2,000 and you haven't cashed the $10,000 check yet. You know, he's already hired the marketing team and you're sitting across him and you're looking desperate, right? And the first rule of prospecting is the more desperate you get the worst result [00:14:00] and you're looking desperate. You're seeing it yourself.

I'm looking desperate and you're asking him, can I cash the $10,000 check? Right. And until he said, yes, I mean, what was going through your mind at that moment? Because I thought that was like an Epic moment for, for the third episode. 

Grant Cardone: Well, so discovery asked me, you know, when they cut the show off before episode three, and I haven't seen it by the way you guys have seen it, before we have in America.

Uh, so congratulations. But, um, when, when I got the check and they, they, they ended and said, you're done, you get Time out. I didn't cash the check. And the reason I didn't cash, I didn't know if I was going to be going back. I thought it was over like, like if you guys, if you really watch and say, why didn't the guy cash, the check.

I thought the whole thing was over. I wasn't going to take his money if it was over. I didn't know if I was ever going back to Pueblo. So when I got back, I had the check and said, Hey, that, that was the right thing to do. By the way it showed [00:15:00] credibility. I didn't cash your check. Cause I didn't know if I was going to be able to come back.

Is it okay to cash the check? And I didn't know if he was gonna let me or not. Right. And so I thought going into this thing from the get-go was scary, but I didn't know how painful it was going to be going back was even more scary because now I knew what it felt like to be there. The first time, I didn't know what it was like, you know, if you've ever, if you've ever, uh, if you ever had something physically hit you or you've been hurt by something the first time.

You don't know what's going to hurt, but if I tell you the second time, Hey, I'm getting ready to do that. Same thing to you again. Now you're prepared for it. And it hurts even more mentally. Like, so going back to Pueblo was very difficult. I didn't know if he was gonna let me keep the money. I didn't know if we had a relationship.

I didn't know if we were going to have a partnership. I didn't know if he lost enthusiasm. I didn't know if [00:16:00] his business was even working anymore because in the interim, between when I left and when I went back, I never was able to talk 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): to him. Right, right. Yeah. Wow. Seriously. And it's, it's been hard because when you did go back, um, the suburban sold, um, the Jeep's not available anymore.

Um, the RV is gone and, uh, yeah, it was, it was, it was rough. I think at that point you're perhaps, uh, you know, the most disadvantaged of everyone on the show. I mean, that's, that's what I thought for 

Grant Cardone: sure. Well, you know, I started before COVID and then COVID interrupted me there. Their shows started way after COVID.

All right. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Okay. 

Grant Cardone: So, so it looks, it looks like when you're watching. Oh, they all started at the same time. That's not true. They started in like October when they were shooting their shows. I was shooting on February. No, 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): we don't have much time. So I'll ask maybe two more questions and then we'll, we'll end this.

Um, so this is, this is a, you know, a question that I had, uh, so Matt from snap, right? And Ryan from the RV place, um, are now global celebrities, right? Because of what they did for [00:17:00] you. They're like, they're like big and, you know, I see them a lot in insta and  stuff. Um, but I think at the time it was pretty generous for them to extend their hand or friendship, you know, to show their generosity.

And I know you're really generous person and you know, yourself, you always have been. Um, so how are you, you know, like giving back or, or rewarding, you know, the generosity that they showed towards you on the show? 

Grant Cardone: Yeah. So, you know, these guys are going to be friends of mine for life, you know, Ryan's has had been, people have just beat him up for like, how'd you not know that was great.

Cardone, you're locked, you know? Um, ha had he known who I was, he wouldn't have been on the TV show. Right. Uh, Matt Smith, Matt Smith, um, you know, People people are like, how did you not know that was there, but they didn't know me. Correct. And, uh, you did a good job of acting like Lewis Curtiss and I also did a good job of staying away from people.

So, uh, those guys are going to both be friends of mine for life. You know, I know their families now we'll be doing business together for [00:18:00] years. Um, the thing that you don't see in the show is it's unfortunate. You know, I was there 2100 hours and you're only going to see like, 150 minutes or something, but I wanted to buy some book.

I want it to be a partner with zubevic. He was my first choice because I thought I could make a lot of money with that RV, his business. Right. And there was another RV business in town that was failing. I wanted to buy his and the other one and I was never able to pull that off. Cause he, I don't think he's interested in growing like that, like as a business, but we'll be friends, you know, we can be friends and not do business.

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Awesome. Agreed, agreed. 100%. So, you know, COVID has been very, very brutal to the people of India. And I know this is going to go out to everyone. I'm going to put it out everywhere. And of course we have, uh, you know, a lot of people hear this, um, our economy, it was the worst hit. I mean, we were 29% down when, when COVID was at its peak in terms of GDP.

And there's a lot of people out there who are broken. There are a lot of people who are, who are very, very, uh, you know, disheartened, uh, [00:19:00] what would be your advice to the people of India who are, who are smashed and bashed and, and they just don't know how they're going to come out of this one. So what's your advice to them?

Grant Cardone: Oh, look, you, you know, you can be broke, but don't be broken. Yeah. And, and, uh, take everything away from my money, my success, my name, as long as I have courage and a commitment and a strategy I'm going to be good. So, uh, India, I would just tell you, get your courage back. Okay. Get your creativity back. Get your commitment to success back you live in a great country and a great time.

It's going to be the biggest middle class built in the history of the world it's happening right now. It's going to go through bumps and the bumps and the lumps and the smashed in the bashed, uh, means you need to get on your dash. So, um, hang on, hang on one second. And uh, so, you know, you gotta figure out how you're going to get, where you want to get, and you need to make [00:20:00] success your duty and your obligation, not an option.

But there is a way where there's a will, there's a way. And with, as a strategy where you have specific strategy businesses, very, very simple. Who's got money. Who's got it. Who can do business with me? Who can I spend time with? How can you improve the circle of people you're hanging with. Right. But I want to change your condition, change your conditions.

So, yeah, I can't wait to come to India. I can't wait to be part of the. The the, the Renaissance that's going to happen in India. And, um, the, the movement that's going to, that's not going to just improve the quality of India and the millions of hundreds of millions, of people in that country. It's also going to change conditions around the world.

So I can't wait to do something with you and the people of India. Uh, hope you guys enjoyed the show and if you are, uh, how, how easy is it to get discovery? Plus there. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Oh, very easy. So they're only charging, [00:21:00] um, two nine, nine, which is, um, like four bucks, $4. And so everyone I'm speaking, I'm like, get the app.

I'm like kids, I'm going to get the app. I'm like, they're like, my kids are really small. I'm like, get your kids to watch this. I'm like, use your kids at 10, get them to watch this. This is the education you want them to get, not, not Ironman on, on, on Disney plus. Right? You want, you want discovery and you want them to watch Undercover billionaire.

And I'm like, The sooner you start them, the better education is going to be 

Grant Cardone: for them. And that's a good point, you know, because that's what the Asians have done for years. You know, the East Asians is they educate their kids on finance and money and the parts of business. Right. And if people would spend less time having their kids spend less time with Mickey mouse and Donald duck and, and.

You know, comics and spend more time learning. How do I build a business, construct a business? How do I learn about cashflow? How do I make contacts? How do I communicate with people? How do I build a strategy? Um, look, there's no country that's going to affect this planet more than India. And I [00:22:00] truly, truly believe that.

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): 100%. Thank you so much for doing this. I know we were always short. We had 15 minutes and we've done like 25, but yeah, I really 

Grant Cardone: appreciate it, man. I appreciate you. I love you. Over here. We're big fans of yours and I look forward to coming out there and do more things. Awesome. 

Gaurav Bhagat (GB): Thank you so much. And  namaste, bye-bye.